Carnival Toys building

Our history

Carnival Toys was founded in 1970 by Pietro Minghetti and is now led by his son, Diego. Today, Carnival Toys is a solid Italian company that designs, produces and sells Carnival costumes, masks, wigs and accessories.

The company came to be in 1970 in a small warehouse in Godo, a small town in the province of Ravenna. There, Mr Minghetti started a production of Carnival masks using wooden moulds, decorating them with an airbrush and giving the finishing touches inside a painting booth. In the mid Seventies, Mr Minghetti moved to serigraphy and the company acquired new technologies. Thanks to them, the production process became much quicker. The product selection was then expanded to include wigs.

In 1980, Mr Minghetti’s original creations were presented during a trade fair in Milan and they won over the workers of the sector. Such an incredible success determined the growth of the company. From that moment on, Carnival Toys has been characterised by growth and innovation. In 1992, the company moved to its present headquarters, still situated in the town of Godo, but equipped with much bigger workshops, offices and exhibition spaces.

Today, Carnival Toys has 35 employees and it produces and sells costumes and accessories inside a 10,000 square metre plant. The company is proud of its completely Italian production but it keeps looking for innovative products from all over the world.
The company catalogue is comprised of more than 5,000 items with a yearly addition of 500 new products for specialised shops, large-scale organised distribution and foreign sales all over Europe and in many other countries in the world. The company has a global sales network with representatives that monitor both Italian and foreign markets offering a complete and non-seasonal range of products.

Carnival Toys has its headquarters based in Godo di Russi (RA) and they are a reference point that offer their visitors a wide showroom and the chance to meet the creative department employees. The company also merchandises its products online using a B2B reserved website and it also guarantees a logistical service for the delivery of the merchandise and the management of purchase orders. Speed and precision are two key aspects of the company’s management.



Carnival Toys certifies its FSC® Chain of Custody and presents on the market the new line of ecological confetti and streamers


in November 2019, Carnival Toys, obtained from Bureau Veritas FSC® certification in its form known as "Chain of custody" (COC), for companies which transform and/or commercialize forest products.The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) promotes a form of managemente of forests all over the world taht is respectful of the environment, socially useful and economically sustineable. 

Carnival Toys' objective, which has always been attentive to environmental issues, is to offer the market a line of paper-based products (confetti and streamers) obtained with certified paper.

In this way Carnival Toys assures its customers, mainly families with children and young people, the origin of the paper used, thus demonstrating its active contribution to responsible forest management.

Carnival Toys proposals:

  • ECONFETTI line: confetti obtained with certified paper and packed in PLA bags, PLA is plastic material obtained from vegetable raw materials, biodegradable and compostable.
  • ESTREAMERS line: streamers obtained from certified paper and packaged with shrink film obtained by a low enviromental impact manufactoring process thank to the use of raw materials of vegetable origin that reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

 The challenge of Carnival Toys, in this moment of great difficulty for the market, is to offer classic Carnival items using environmentally friendly raw materials and eco-sustainable packaging solutions.


Our Showrooms

Carnival Toys is glad to invite you to visit its two new showrooms where you can be captivated by the company’s magical world.
These two rooms are dedicated to Carnival and Halloween. You have 600 square metres at your disposal to observe and touch the quality and the creativity of our extensive catalogue.
We are waiting for you!

On-site production: this “Made in Italy” we are so proud of

Carnival Toys beacon of the “Made in Italy”. In fact, it is the only company where trade and production are joined together. The company has a team at its disposal for the design and creation of high-quality sartorial costumes and is therefore able to supply the market with ever new products characterised by their undisputable Italian signature.
Moreover, an entire rage of streamers and confetti are manufactured inside its plant and can offer its clients the chance to have a personalised packaging within bags with specific logos and graphics.

Carnival Toys has an extrusion die plate in order to work polypropylene granules. Therefore, the company is able to produce on its own a thread that is extremely suitable for the manufacturing of coloured wigs, thanks to its characteristics and endless colour variety.
Among the wide range of threads, these types are available:

  • smooth thread
  • curly thread (a from 10 to 50 mm wave)
  • texturised thread to obtain a frizzed-curly effect

Straight Wigs

Curly Wigs

Afro Wigs

Personalised manufacturing is made for those companies that require coloured polypropylene thread.